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Colbert County Alabama Politicians and cowardice

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       For those of you who happen to know me, you'll probably know where this blog is headed before I finish this sentence. I'd contacted a county commissioner a couple of years ago in Colbert County, Alabama with the idea of placing a monument to a general that the county seat's high school is named for. He assured me there would be no problems whatsoever. Two years later and we have the money and guess what? These Colbert County Commissioners are more afraid of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Birmingham and the NAACP than of their own voters. That's right, next election you need to remember these guys, they have no fortitude when it comes to what is right, but who scares them the most. 
       They are typical politicians and they worry about their personal images above their county or what is right. Remember the term scalawag, it fits them perfectly. They are sell outs to their own people because they are cowards. "Don't rock the boat" type of people. Just go along with the mainstream media whether it makes sense or not. As Jim Jones would have said, "Just drink your Kool-Aid man." 
        Let's meet these six commissioners and go over what I witnessed at the meeting and the following two weeks after the meeting. District 1 goes to a man named Tommy Barnes who was initially in favor of allowing the monument to be placed calling it part of our history before the other members or local news got his attention and then he changed his tune completely. He now says place it elsewhere. Must want to be re-elected. District 2 goes to David Black (local college professor) and there was no surprise in his response. After all, he was running for Alabama state treasurer and was horrified of what losing the black vote might do to his chances. He needs to worry no more. He received only 21.36% of republican votes in this state. He best stick to worrying about his present job and that is his county, state politics seem to be out of his league. District 3 is a local dentist and also radio football broadcaster for the school we mentioned which is Deshler High School that the general's name is attached to. I don't know much about Mr. Gardiner, but was told that he just wished to hurry up and get his term over with and get out of office. So there is no possible way to know which way he was leaning. District 4 goes to William Smith. He is an anomaly on the board of commissioners, not because he is black, but because he was personally assigned the position by our present governor (Daughters of the Confederacy) member Kay Ivey. He and David Black were the key spokesmen in the misunderstanding that was intentionally perpetrated in the paragraph below. District 5 belongs to Darol Bendall who never said a word during the entire meeting, I began to wonder if he was even conscious. District 6 belongs to the man who told me on the phone there would be no problem with the monument to the general. This man is Charles Hovator. For anyone needing to know anymore about him, just ask locally about his brother attorney William Hovator. Especially ask the Tuscumbia police because they knew all about him but were handcuffed when they tried to straighten him out by our corrupt judges here.
       Now before it seems I'm on a warpath against all media or politicians, let me clear a few things up. First off is the reporter who first reported the story for our local newspaper The Times Daily and this man's name is Russ Corey. He told my side of the story and he told the other side of the story as any good reporter should. He didn't attempt to put a slant on the story to stir citizens up. He simply reported the facts and I have nothing but respect for Russ Corey. Now there comes the story of this reporter from 48 News WAFF in Huntsville, Alabama about 45 miles east of here. This reporter named Levi Harvey turned our proposal to erect a monument to General James Deshler on the courthouse lawn into another Confederate monument on the courthouse lawn. Like I told Russ Corey, we already have a Confederate monument on the courthouse lawn, we don't need another. This was for the greatest man that ever came out of our county, hands down. Now I learn that news is a joke. They don't tell the truth, they tell the best story to get a reaction. Levi Harvey interviewed a woman that knew as much about the Civil War as my youngest dog, a redneck with three teeth, and some other fellow. You see how all this adds up with the media. I'm reminded how when there is a pro-Southern rally somewhere, the Sons of Confederate Veterans tells our members to stay away. They are not going to interview anyone that is intelligent, but find the dumbest redneck and have him represent all of us. This is indeed true. 

Levi Harvey (Professional Reporter?)

       Mr. Harvey attempted to contact me several times in regards to the monument. I attempted to return his call the first time until I realized what a false twist he placed on the monument story. Following that day, after watching his maligned statements about what I had asked for in a meeting where he wasn't even present. This idiot wonders why I don't return his messages. All he wants is a good story, nothing more, to hell with the truth. So you wonder why I call politicians and reporters cowards? There is nothing more to say other than I will compare brain pans with any of the people mentioned above when it comes to the Civil War and they may beat me, but don't hold your breath, you may become known as the "Blue Boy." 

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