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Year of Glory by Monte Akers: An Excellent Book

Major General J.E.B. Stuart

       I just finished reading the book Year of Glory by Monte Akers. The book deals with Jeb Stuart's military career from June 1862 to June 1863. I'll be the first to admit that I've never been a very big Jeb Stuart fan, but Monte's book has since changed my mind. I couldn't put the book down. I even read several parts of the book to my wife and she said, "He was your clone."
       Working on the railroad I earned the nickname "Instigator" because of pulling pranks and jokes on people and enjoying a good laugh. Jeb was much the same way. This book is full of funny stories about some of Jeb's funnier moments. I'd always read how Jeb was seeking personal attention when he left Lee's Army blind in Pennsylvania during the Gettysburg Campaign. Monte Akers helps explain how and why things occurred the way they did. He doesn't do like most biographers and attempt to make his subject sinless, but points out that Stuart was human and prone to make mistakes. The book is a great read and I highly recommend it. I could hardly put it down and there is a part two to this book that I'm already in the process of purchasing. Book two covers from Gettysburg until Stuart's death and if it's half as good as this book, it will be a great book. 
       There are several interesting stories and many are commical, especially the story of a Prussian staff officer sitting on a wet painting, but there was one story that particularly interested me. In the chapter on Chancellorsville, Stuart and his staff camped beside a barn that served as a field hospital for Federal soldiers. The Prussian volunteer staff officer named Scheibert made a note of the difference in wounded Confederate soldiers and wounded Federal soldiers. According to Scheibert, Confederate soldiers considered it a disgrace to groan aloud when they were wounded, but suffered stoically in silence. He said a person could tell if the hospital was Federal or Confederate by the sounds. Scheibert mentioned meeting a captain walking to the rear during a battle with his hat covering one hand. Scheibert asked the captain if he was severely wounded, there being a great deal of blood on the officer's uniform. The captain replied, "No, only the hand is gone." Scheibert went on to mention other instances to back his claims that Southern soldiers took wounds with little complaint while the Federal soldiers groaned and cried aloud. 
       I'm not trying to say Southerner's are tougher or stronger than Federal soldiers. It was the Southern ideal of honor and bravery that made them act in such a manner even when they understood their wound was mortal. According to the book Attack and Die by Grady McWhiney and Perry Jamieson all of this was a direct result of Southerner's ancestry. The descendants of the Celtic people mostly settled in the South. The Celt's were a warring people. Take that and have part of the population intermarrying Native American's and you have yourself a perfect fighting machine. 
       Again, I highly recommend Year of Glory by Monte Akers. I have come away with a completely different view of Major General Jeb Stuart and now I must have the next book.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Who Cries For The Children?

The above cartoon represents industry devouring children

       My last blog saw me going into a diatribe about how horrible Southerners were to own slaves and how terrible it is to have memorials to Southern soldiers (even the ones that owned no slaves). I thought I would touch base on a few facts about the Holier Than Thou Northerners during the War Between the States. If you who don't want to know the truth about America's history you'd better stop reading here. You will of course be offended or pretend none of this is true. 
       For some reason, everyone is so offended by slavery, yet ignore the fact that northern industries relied on child labor (slavery) during the war. How much did they rely on children? Most numbers suggest up to fifty-five percent. You heard me right, fifty-five percent of the Union's industrial force was made up of children. Who cares, right? After all, those children were mostly poor Irish immigrants and not of a darker complexion. 
       Now I can hear the northern apologists and liberals crying out that these children weren't owned, but in fact they are wrong. When you make a nickel a day, working seven days a week, and learn at the end of the week you owed the company twice the money you've made since they fed you during one of these sixteen to twenty hour shifts, you may wish you were a Southern slave. 

Does the above cartoon remind you of an Auction Block?

       The cartoon above is a demonstration of Northern capitalist during the Civil War bidding on children to work in their factory's for little to no pay. Poor children like these were kidnapped off the streets and forced to work. Not only are children required a certain amount of rest for their growing bodies, they are also in dire need of a good diet. In these northern factories, they received little of either. Why would these business owners want children to work for them? That answer is easy. Children are easier to control, just take a leather strap to them if they slack off working, and there is no danger of them going on strike. Plus, it was basically slavery under a different name, but like I said before, who cares about them, they are too light complected. White lives don't matter, remember?
       Now you may think they weren't that rough on these children, but you'd be wrong. They were forced to mine for coal, tend to furnaces, and do all types of jobs that are considered dangerous to grown men. 
       Worse than slavery, child labor has been in existence in this country far before 1776 and did not end when African slavery was abolished in 1865. No, child labor carried on sixty plus years following the Civil War, but it's alright because it was mostly a northern factory thing. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Greed, same problem we have in this country today. If you haven't heard of the northern sweatshops during the Civil War, you've been hiding your head in the sand. Nobody ever mentions any of this today, it's all about the African slave. 
       By 1820, forty percent of northern cotton factories were employed by children between the ages of eight and twelve. This percentage increased to fifty-five percent during the Civil War to keep pace with military needs. All of this is fine right, because the humanitarian Union Army was fighting to free the poor mistreated Africans. Once the war was over guess what those northern factories added to their employment lists? You guessed it, African children. Now I hear everyone beginning to protest, but somehow this has to be the South's fault. The north is sinless in all regards and get the free pass as usual. 
       Let's briefly take a look at what happened in the country of Cuba in the year 1912. The black race was being taken advantage of by big business owners in Cuba and the United States. The mistreated African's began what was labeled the "Negro Rebellion" against harsh working conditions. Now this same country that invaded the South over concerns for slavery sent 2,789 marines to force these blacks back to work and put down their rebellion for better living conditions. By the time it was all over somewhere between 3000 and 6000 African-Cubans had been killed. Why did the United States side with the Spanish against the Africans? The answer is simple. Follow the dollar in this country. Below I leave you with a few photographs of northern slave labor that lasted until the 1920's. 

Age's 7 and 9 in Massachusetts


Maine for 15 cents per day


New Jersey



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Dawn Aberg: Another Expert on the War Between the States

The James Deshler Monument

       Boy did my proposal for a monument to James Deshler stir up a hornets nest around here. I never realized there were so many ignorant people in the world. This Dawn Aberg I'm mentioning in the title wrote a letter to our local newspaper about being offended herself about another "Confederate Monument." I guess she has trouble with reading and writing because we proposed a "Military Monument" to Brigadier General James Deshler. Of course like others, she must place her own spin on things. Never mind the truth, that would get in her way. 
       First let's review a few things she claimed in her letter. Her first twist comes with the fact that Deshler's father came to Tuscumbia, Alabama to cash in on the booming cotton trade to get rich off products provided by slave labor. David Deshler came to Tuscumbia in 1825. What did he move here to do? To build a railroad linking Tuscumbia to Decatur, Alabama. He served as director of that railroad. He was a strong advocate of building up Tuscumbia to become a major town at that time. So, where is the twist? Well Ms. Aberg says he made his money off slave products. That is quite a spin there. Because the man built a railroad means he made a fortune off slave products? Has this woman lost her ever loving mind. With that line of reasoning, we should shut the entire town of Tuscumbia down today because at the time it was making money off slave products. Let's not stop there, but shut down the entire South. That was one of her more remarkably stupid comments, but there's more. 
       Ms. Aberg claims the real reason James Deshler is famous today is because of his father's wealth. Where in the hell did she get this information? Let's look at the Deshler family that moved to Alabama. David Deshler and his wife moved here in 1825. They had three children, David, Charlotte, and James. Charlotte grew sick at age 13 and died. David went to West Point and while bathing in the Hudson River, he drowned. He rests in the National Cemetery there today. James Deshler then graduated high in his class at West Point. There were several notations by high ranking government officials about his intelligence. He served in the United States Army and was with Sidney Johnston during the Mormon Expedition. Now this is the part that only really educated people can understand, because you have to be capable of looking at history the way it was, not as you see it from today. Ms. Aberg, never can. 
       Ms. Aberg claims she has deep roots to Colbert County, Alabama (her mother grew up here), but has spent the majority of her life in Massachusetts, California, New York, Sweden, and France. Now someone with that much extensive travel surely knows what the definition of a state happens to be. A state is a country. When Hitler was rallying Germany what did he cry, "Das Gans." The State. Before the War Between the States, each state was it's on country first and attached to the Federal government second. So when the Southern States began to leave the Union, what did all the officer's from those states do? They left to join the military forces of their home state to defend it against an unconstitutional invasion. (By the way, it was constitutionally illegal for a state to invade another state until Lincoln took control). 
       James Deshler came home and fought giving his life for his native state (country) as I would hope anyone at that time should have done. Thus you have these idiots today that look at history through modern eyes. I have a few questions for Ms. Aberg that I would love for her to answer for me. 
       First, why is it just the Southerner's who are offensive? There were slaves in the North, but they get a free pass. I've never understood that. Why do the cities of Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and many more get a free pass when they all owned ships that raced back and forth between Africa and America selling slaves? They too get a free pass from being offensive. What about the thousands of Irish children snatched off the streets and sent to the Northern states to work in factories at ages as young as eight and forced to work 20 hours a day for a nickel per day, only to find that they'd owe the company more than they made at the end of the week by taking meals? They were worked until they were completely broken down and then discarded on the streets to fend for themselves. This of course doesn't bother Ms Aberg in the least. That is fine with her, she'll take all the Northern brainwashing she can get. 
       I hate to bring up race in all this, but several have taken this argument there, so I will answer one of the above questions for you. Why do we not care for those poor Irish children who were treated much worse than slaves? Because, they are the wrong color, they don't sit around and cry about they way their ancestors were treated, and they are mature enough to not cry every time something offends them. 
       Oh, and by the way, when David Deshler finally died, he left everything he owned to the city of Tuscumbia. I hope you don't shop in that racist town, Ms. Aberg. I also noticed Ms. Aberg is one of those who was moving to Sweden when Trump was elected president, but like the rest, she's still here. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sammie Lane and her world of Idiocracy

Image result for james deshler

Brigadier General James Deshler

       As for those of you who do not know, our local SCV camp in Tuscumbia, Alabama have raised the money to erect a monument to the greatest man that ever came out of our county. The above mentioned Sammie Lane is some idiot girl on facebook that knows about as much about history as my dog. Miss Sammie Lane claims that Deshler died to defend his right to own slaves, however as was pointed out to her, he owned no slaves. But, don't let any of this stop Miss Sammie's image of the perfect North against the Evil South. She'll just jump to something else, another excuse perhaps and she does. 
       She claims she loves good research and then publishes a paragraph (repeatedly mind you) that explains how Deshler and his father and all Confederate's didn't feel the black race was equal to the white. This one always kills me, because looking back from today without any imagination about what life then was like is way over Miss Sammie's head. Everyone in that day and age believed the black race was inferior. One of the most racist men in the country was a politician named Abraham Lincoln, but don't tell Sammie. 
       This same Sammie then goes into this diatribe about how we should give the money we raised ourselves for the monument and give it to school teachers. I'd be happy to do just that if they would teach history correctly and not just from Sammie's point of view. How about the one billion dollars annually the Federal Government (according to gives to the NAACP yearly? How much of a raise would that give to those poor school teachers?
       Sammie says it took her just 30 minutes of research online to discover that the South was all evil and racist and the North was Holy, ad nauseam. The point is, if you do your research online (and we all know everything we read online is correct) in 30 minutes and use the same stupid paragraph over and over, Miss Sammie's not too bright. 
       I have a few questions I'd like Miss Sammie Lane to answer for me since she is such an expert on the War Between the States. Caution: This may take longer than 30 minutes for the airhead to accomplish and will take much longer for her if she has to put some sort of spin on it. 
       The war was all about slavery? Then please explain the Corwin Amendment to me? Please explain the Morrill Tariff? Perhaps, since the Holy North was right, Miss Sammie would feel fine paying 85% of the Federal taxes while everyone else only pays 15%. After all, we all know that war was about slavery, there's never been a war about money, ever. 
       Commissioner David Black stated that we must put something in place to limit which groups can place monuments on the courthouse lawn. So, what type group are we? Well, we respect men who were brave enough to fight for their homes and families against an unconstitutional invasion. These same idiots like Miss Sammie who call Confederate's traitors are the first to celebrate July 4th each year when the United States seceded from England. However, Miss Sammie can place some twist on that too I'm sure. By the way, when was the slave trade outlawed? Well, Sammie, the year was 1807 and when did the North begin forming abolitionist groups against the evil institution of slavery? Try 1808, and why then? Because they could no longer make money off of slavery, they were ready to be rid of it. Of course, I'm sure in her 30 minutes of researching an entire era, she missed the fact that ships owned by the cities of New York, Philadelphia, and even Chicago made tons of money travelling back and forth to Africa bringing slaves over to be sold to the South. 
        Now, back to the type of organization we happen to be. A black lady named Mary (a slave) had a tombstone crumbling to pieces about thirty miles south of where I live. My organization paid to replace the tombstone. How much money did the NAACP donate to this noble endeavor? You guessed it right if you guessed $0. How much in donations did we receive from African-Americans at all? You'd be right if you guessed $0 again. How many African-Americans attended the re-dedication of her monument? Again, not a single one. For a group of people that are so upset with the treatment of their ancestors, you'd think they would have given at least a dollar to such a noble cause, but you'd be wrong.

Image result for abraham lincoln

Sammie Lane's Great Emancipator

       Since Sammie Lane is such an expert on that war and the "great emancipator" surely she won't mind me quoting him here a bit. 

"I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races … I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people..."
                                                                      In a debate with Stephen Douglas in 1858

"I have no purpose, directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so."

                                                                     Lincoln's inaugural address

"The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess, the property, and places belonging to the Government, and to collect the duties, and imposts (Taxes!!!!!); but, beyond what is necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion---no using of force against, or among the people anywhere."

                                                                                Lincoln's inaugural address

"You and I are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other races. Whether it be right or wrong, I need not discuss; but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think. Your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living amongst us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word, we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated."

                                                                                  Lincoln speech to freed blacks, August 14, 1862

       Poor people like Sammie Lane can never admit to any of this or it would destroy her perfect world scenario she has placed before herself. Yet, she is more than willing to attack others having very little knowledge of what she is even speaking about. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the idiocracy that is today's Americans are spoon fed by the television what to believe or spend 30 minutes online to become experts on everything, thus Sammie Lane.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Kevin Levin: Another New Englander who believes the north is sinless

Kevin Levin "The All Knowing"

       The "All Knowing" in the above quote is meant to be sarcastic as hell, but I'm sure that will pass over the heads of some readers. Allow me to quote his "advertisement" for lack of a better word on amazon about his book: Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder.
       Here is that quote "The battle of the Crater is known as one of the Civil War's bloodiest struggles―a Union loss with combined casualties of 5,000, many of whom were members of the United States Colored Troops (USCT) under Union Brigadier General Edward Ferrero. The battle was a violent clash of forces as Confederate soldiers fought for the first time against African American soldiers (that quote is a bald faced lie, see Battery Wagner, Fort Pillow, and Brice's Crossroads). After the Union lost the battle, these black soldiers were captured and subject both to extensive abuse and the threat of being returned to slavery in the South. Yet, despite their heroism and sacrifice, these men are often overlooked in public memory of the war." 
       Now, upon reading the review, I asked my wife, "Where do you think this idiot is from?" Her first answer was a little off. She said, "New York." "Wrong," I said, "Try Massachusetts." "Of course," she replied, "so get him." 
       There is more to this blog than Mr. Levin's one-sided story of "The Crater," much more. I visited his blog and a woman asked him if it wasn't as much fault of the North as the South the institution of slavery. He replied by degrading this lady and encouraging others to degrade her. Kevin Levin is another of those "Holy north against the evil South." He has a one sided image of the War Between The States. His is a one sided battle, because he thinks his intellect is superior to all others. He obviously hasn't read my blog. Nor does he want to know the truth about that war, it would break his heart. 
       This typical New Englander ignores a few facts. I'm not going to rehash all those known facts. I will just direct you to my past blog at This would upset Mr. Levin in the extreme because it would go against all he has taught for all these years. 
       He belittles a lady named Connie because she called his attention to the fact that it wasn't all the South's fault. He treats her as if she is ignorant for calling him out. I don't understand how a guy with such a closed mind can make money by selling books and then it hit me. I'm sure, he requires all his students to buy his book for his class. Of course, I have seen this before. You must agree with his view of the world to pass his course and woe be to you who do not agree. I often went to class in college, forced to buy a professor's ridiculously over-priced book and agree with his single-minded view to pass an exam. Welcome Kevin Levin to that list I'm sure. 
       So what happened at the Battle of the Crater? Well, if you believe Mr. Levin's one-sided story, evil Southerners mistreated poor innocent black Federal troops who had been captured in battle. I've read this before. How about we take a serious look at what really happened without a New England point of view. 
       Before the attack began, let's just quote an officer of the colored soldiers. His name was Colonel John Bross of the 29th United States Colored Troops. He stated to the press before the attack, "When I lead these men into battle, we shall expect no quarter, and shall not ask for quarter." In a Northern officers own words, they were not going to take prisoners. During the assault it was noted that the black Federal troops were shouting, "No quarter!" When the fighting was winding down, the Northern white troops began to kill all the black Federal soldiers (yeah, you heard me right), killed their own men, because they were afraid of being captured along with black troops. Allow me to quote a Federal white soldier who had joined in the process of shooting and bayoneting his fellow black soldiers stated, "We was not about to be taken prisoner amongst them niggers." 
       According to Mr. Levin, this only occurred during the brief advance of the colored troops. Of course he does say "as far as I know." It appears he doesn't know much. The damage is done, he has minimized the effect of the black troops murdering of unarmed prisoners and made sure the entire world knows that the Confederate troops were very guilty of the same deed. You'd have to be from New England to think like Mr. Levin. Like all "Holier than thou" New Englanders, it's alright for his side to perform some barbarity, but not the side he's fighting against. Typical Yankee. 
       Let's take a brief look at Confederate Major General William Mahone. He led the counterattack at the Battle of the Crater that saved the day for the South. As the break through occurred on Major General Bushrod Rust Johnson's sector of the line, General Mahone with three small brigades were called up by General Robert E. Lee to stop the Federal advance. (Side note: Bushrod Rust Johnson was a quaker from Ohio who fought for the South, but don't tell any Yankee's because they don't want to hear it.)
       Leading the three brigades belonging to Mahone's Division were Colonel David A. Weisiger commanding Mahone's old brigade of the 6th, 12th, 16th, 41st, and 61st Virginia Infantry. Colonel John Caldwell Calhoun Sanders commanded a brigade of Alabama troops, the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 14th Alabama Infantry Regiments. Lieutenant Colonel Matthew R. Hall commanded the third brigade containing the 3rd, 22nd, 48th, and 64th Georgia Infantry Regiments. These three small brigades would contain the breakthrough. 
       Major General Mahone was upset because he arrived at Bushrod Johnson's headquarters and asked Johnson for help positioning his division to stop the assault. Johnson was more concerned with eating breakfast, so Mahone decided to handle matters himself. As he began to lead his division forward toward the sounds of battle, his division began to meet retreating Confederate troops who reported that the black Federal soldiers were taking no prisoners. Mahone ordered his troops to take no black Federal soldiers prisoners because they were calling for no quarter. Thus, the Battle of the Crater was under way. Now if your from New England, it's a great and deserved thing for black troops to take no prisoners, but for Southerners to do the same, it is horrendous. You must be a self serving New England idiot to believe this. 
       Now we move on a few years to William Mahone, ex-Confederate general, and now a member of the Readjuster Party. General Mahone defended the African-Americans in his district and were even presented with a nice watch from his black constituents. The watch is now in a private collection. I have read a blog about how the SCV and Southerner's should be ashamed of General Mahone. Why should we be ashamed of this fine general? The author of this blog is none other than (you guessed it) Kevin Levin, the above mentioned idiot. 
       So tell us Kevin Levin in all your infinite wisdom why I should be ashamed of General Mahone? Levin tells us that General Mahone helped the black citizens of the Southern States. We should be ashamed of him for this? Why would Southerners be ashamed of General Mahone for caring for black citizens of the South? After all, many of those black citizens supported the Southern States. Without the black Southern citizens, there could have been no rebellion. So Mr. Levin lives in his own New England world of fantasy. The most evil South versus the sinless North in a war over good and evil, ad nauseam. Please see my article in the Alabama Confederate Newsletter in January for more about these New Englander's and their theories about the South. They are often mislead, knowing little about the culture of the South, but this doesn't stop them from spreading their vitriol side of the story.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Typical Politician

Image result for mayor mitchell landrieu

Another Political Idiot mayor mitchell landrieu

       For those of you who have no mental capacity at all, New Orleans mayor mitchell landrieu is your man. He has visions of himself in the White House of this country. He will do anything for a vote, so dream up anything you can and he will perform that very deed for your vote. He is the leader of what my college Political Science professor often called a "Skillet head." I would refer to him as an "Onion Head," but Uncle Frank understood this idiot better than I do. 
       In a country where we are in serious economical trouble, you, my tax paying friends will be happy to know that mayor landrieu has spent 2.1 million dollars of your hard earned money to remove four statues of great Confederate leaders from his city. Does he care? If you think this mayor gives one little cent about anyone other than himself, you are the idiot he proves himself to be. Uncle Frank used to teach me in political science class that politicians like landrieu would slit their mother's throat for a vote. The shallow minded, that can't think for themselves will willingly vote for mayor landieu and he will become richer as they become poorer. How far would 2.1 million dollars go in education for the children of New Orleans? Hey, it doesn't matter because mayor landrieu will get more votes wasting the cities money on removing statues. As Uncle Frank would have said, "What an idiot or worse yet, what an idiot he makes the voters appear?"
       Now we've come to Charlottesville, Virginia. I'm not a white supremacist, nor am I associated with any that I know of. I do understand that all people, regardless of their beliefs under the American constitution have a right to what they believe in. Not anymore obviously. I have spent the last hour reading reactions to what has occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. Every comment basically states, it is perfectly fine in this country to protest as long as your protesting for the black race, the homosexuals, or the muslims. If you disagree with any of those three movements, you have no right to protest. What city in the United States doesn't have a street named after "Martin Luther King?" Now we understand that is fine, but we can't have one monument to Confederate heroes like Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson. 

michael signer letting the world know what he's after

       Now all this brings us to another "Lawyer" Mayor Michael Signer of Charlottesville, Virginia and another idiot the governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe. Both men are stirring the pot over Confederate monuments for votes. Mayor Signer, who loves anybody that votes regardless of their beliefs has already began his war on Robert E. Lee. I can basically say, if any of my readers have studied anything about Robert E. Lee, you will know that Michael Signer doesn't even deserve being mentioned in the same sentence because Lee was a great leader and hero, while Signer is an "ass kissing" politician. He is also a coward. Like all politicians and lawyers, he doesn't have the guts to stand up for what he believes, but tells us what we need to hear to get the majority of the votes. He has had his fifteen minutes of fame. 
       Now, as I said earlier, we all have a right to protest, regardless of our beliefs in this country. At least, we used to have that right. Today, you must agree with the far left or you are labelled a racist, homophobe, anti-muslim, etc. Now, the Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe has sent a clear message to people in Charlottesville, Virginia. If you are a white supremacist, you need to go home, if you are pro-black, pro-homosexual, pro-muslim, we welcome you in Virginia in open arms. Does Governor McAuliffe truly believe this way? We can't possibly know, because he, like all lawyers will tell you anything you want to hear for his vote. Fortunately, some of us are intelligent enough to figure out for ourselves what the truth is. But, the people with an actual mind of their own are few and far between, thus we have idiots like Signer, McAuliffe, and Landrieu running our country. God help us, for we are too stupid to help ourselves. Welcome to 21st Century America. 

Image result for virginia governor terry mcauliffe

Virginia Governor terry mcAuliffe

Why our Southern Heritage is under attack?

Image result for confederate monument torn down

A Guest Blog by a friend of mine Jay Gregory

Over the past 18 months or two years, it has been nearly impossible to check your local or national news without finding at least one report of a Confederate Monument being vandalized, a cemetery being desiccated, or lawless rioters destroying property while demanding one of the above. We don’t often see are discussions about why our Heritage is under attack, why now, and why is it important for the SCV and similar organizations to continue the struggle to preserve our culture.
My father only had a third grade education.  He could sign his name, and struggle through the headlines of the newspaper. But, once and a while he would come up with “real wisdom.”  One of those pearls was, “The man who knows how will always have a job, but the man who knows why, will always be his boss.”  So, please allow me to beg your indulgence.  Grasping “why” in societal issues usually requires at least a rudimentary understanding of the “back story” leading up to the present.
I truly hate to quote someone from Massachusetts, but remember the quote from John Adams, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (October 11, 1798.),
Our founders, North and South, knew from the beginning that a free people could only govern themselves if they were an honorable and moral people with an innate sense of right and wrong; of Nature and Natures God. 
The Apostle Paul suggest in Romans 1:25 that the magnificence of creation alone presents “nature’s god” as self-evident.  There is “someone out there” bigger than ourselves and He is the source of man’s equality, and has endowed us with our unalienable rights, and among these rights are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of property.
I think the story of where we started getting off track, at least as it relates to this issue, begins with Horace Mann, an early education reformer, who with a man named John Dewey, knew better than Adams and the other founders. They believed that man, not God must be the ultimate arbiter.  In 1843 they traveled to Prussia to visit the schools and study them. They returned with the teachings of philosophers Pestalozzi and Kant.
Pestalozzi was opposed learning by memorization and to strict discipline. He pioneered using physical objects in the teaching of natural science. He also promoted broad liberal education followed by professional training for teachers.
Kant believed that as humans we are autonomous. He argued that the human intellect is the source of the general laws of nature; and that by reason humans give themselves the moral law, which is our basis for belief in “a god,” freedom, and mortality. Therefore, scientific knowledge, morality, and religious belief all rest on the same foundation of human reason and understanding.
For a 100 years after their deaths, the compulsion to put the material before the symbolic, the physical before the spiritual, the order of nature before human tradition, dominated the very psyche of everything and everyone involved in government funded education.  The unstoppable drift away from the first founding principles had begun.
This drift began to accelerate in 1852, the year Massachusetts became the first state to require children ages six through 16 attend government funded schools. Of course, when the government uses its citizens’ money to pay for schools, they get to decide what is to be taught.  By 1918 all states had compulsory government school attendance laws.
In 1908 Woodrow Wilson published a book entitled “Constitutional Government in the United States.”  In it he asserted that In order to “render government more accountable to public opinion,” that the business of politics—namely elections—should be separated from actual governance. He believed that “nonpartisan”, and therefore “neutral,” experts (Read that unelected, deep state bureaucrats) should actually rule the people.  Further, he thought the president, as the only nationally elected public official, would best exemplify the will of the people. Thus the President should “rule” through this bureaucracy of “neutral (unelected) experts”.  In other words, Wilson believed we should be ruled by an oligarch with him, and his successors at its head.  Huh, that seems vaguely familiar, somehow.
The next big shift came in 1963 when the SCOTUS ruled in Abington School District v. Schempp that group Bible reading and recitation of the Lord's Prayer were both unlawful in government schools.
Then in 1964 – 65 Johnson brought us the Great Society.  It contained no less than 60 separate laws that provided for “better” classrooms, minority scholarships, and low-interest student loans.  (e.g. More national money, more national control, lowering standards, and more social engineering.)
In 1979 the Department of Education was created.  It initially had 3,000 employees and a $12 Billion budget.  In 2004 the budget was five times that amount and with the “No Child Left Behind” program a national government school curriculum was fully in place.
During ‘95 and ‘96 we all witnessed scandal of President Clinton’s public dalliances in the Oval Office.  We’ll just set the details of that episode aside.  His conduct and its handling by our courts and elected representatives, openly announced to the world the end of one of our most important founding principles.  In fact this principle goes back all the way to the Magna Charta; that is all men are equal under the law. That ended with Bill Clinton.
Our descent down the slippery slope accelerated on Election Day 2008. In my opinion, a clearly documented case of voter intimidation occurred in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  The Bush DOJ correctly filed charges before leaving office. In April 2009 when none of the defendants appeared in court to answer the charges, the DOJ “civil service” attorneys moved for a default judgment against them.  To the lawyers’ surprise they were overruled by two of their bosses, politically appointed Assistant Attorneys General from the incoming administration.
The lessons and implications of this case, have played out in public dozens of times since; from April 2009 onward, some crimes are sanctioned by the regime in Washington and other simply ignored.
From that tipping point, on at least 43 occasions between May 19, 2010 and April 23, 2013 various offices within the Executive branch of the National government announced that they simply would not enforce valid US criminal law.  This is another BIG DEAL. It represents the collapse of another key tenant of our form of government.  The principle is that it does not matter which party passes a law and signs into effect, nor which party occupies the Executive (Presidency); all existing laws are equally enforced. If a current administration disagrees with a law, fine the Constitution provides a means of changing it under Article I.
If you are still with me, thank you.  I believe we have finally laid out the minimum facts to support my answer to our central question; why is our Confederate Heritage under assault? 
It has been four generations since Mann and Dewey began proclaiming man as the source of the truth of right and wrong.  It has been two generations since prayer or Bible reading outside the home or the church house virtually ceased.  According the Barna Group, we have 75+ million young people (people with limited life experience), people born after 1981, who agree with this statement, “Whatever is right for you or works best for you is the only truth you can know.” So, they are convinced that the truth of right from wrong comes from within themselves.    
The Clinton, Lewinsky scandal began demonstrating that some people are above the law when the oldest among this same group were 13 years of age – entering puberty. Of course the outgoing Obama administration has demonstrated this lawlessness on dozens of occasions over the past eight years.
Let me see if I can pull this all together.
·        For the past 108 years the stated objective of the progressive left has been to replace our democratic republic with an oligarchy.
·        75 million young people have been trained in what boils down to anarchy – a personal since of right and wrong, with little concern for the rights of others
·        Since that group reached adolescence they have witnessed public officials flaunting that the law doesn’t apply to them.  Illegal acts in support of the progressive left (“the oligarch”) are either ignored or encouraged.
·        In short, there is no deterrent to lawlessness
What is driving the mob, the pursuit of Wilson’s goal? So, we must ask, what barriers to that objectives remain?  The short answer is the shreds of the memory of liberty.
So, large, conspicuous monuments to a group of men who believed in liberty so strongly that they took up arms in defense of that liberty simply must go.  That memory MUST be erased; especially if some of the descendants of those men still don’t consider themselves defeated.
Can these forces be mollified by compromise?  I’ll let you decide. Here is a quote from a “Take Em Down NOLA” communication published the day after the General Lee monument was removed.
 “We've appreciated you being on the battlefield with us. Now we need you to join us in the bunker [to] plan how to truly rid this city of racism. There are over 100 symbols to white supremacy still standing in this city. To make sure the removal of the monuments is more than just a surface change, but instead a reconfiguration of systemic racism in the city [they must be removed] - - -“
Will new laws or regulations be the solution? We’ve already established and witnessed that these are lawless people. Laws are scant deterrent to lawless people. 
On May 25th Joseph Goodman wrote on,
“On Wednesday, with the eloquent and powerful words of New Orleans' mayor still making national headlines, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed into law a bill protecting the state's Confederate statues. - - - Let's be clear, - - - removing the names of Confederate leaders from public schools is the correct and moral thing to do.”
In my opinion this is merely a first step.  It is perceived by “those people” that Confederate monuments are a relatively easy target.  After-all, who would defend slavery?
But remember Wilson’s objective.  In order to reach that objective all remembrance of liberty must disappear.  My guess – emphasize that word, guess – is that the rest of the founders are not far behind General Lee.  Then they will move on to others according to the degree of difficulty.  On it will go until perhaps Woodrow Wilson himself will be one of the “founding fathers” or perhaps rejected for the Confederate skeletons in his own closet.
You see, dignity comes from God.  Thus, monuments to men of dignity, like General Lee or Jefferson Davis, highlight the presence God, and by extension remind us of those unalienable rights which come from God, not government.  They therefore must go.
Never underestimate your enemy.