Friday, June 24, 2011

The Battle of Franklin by James R. Knight

The Battle of Franklin

       If your interested in the Battle of Franklin then I strongly suggest this book by James R. Knight. Mr. Knight is a volunteer at the Carter House Museum in Franklin, Tennessee. I purchased my book while there almost two years ago. Mr. Knight is very friendly and signed my book while I was there. He is a retired pilot who flew DC-10's for Federal Express.
       I remember asking him if his book was as good as Eric Jacobson's book on the Battle of Franklin and he very humbly replied that it wasn't. The next time I was at the Carter House I saw James again. He didn't remember me, but I walked up and told him I was upset with him because he had lied to me. I think he realized I was pulling his leg. He asked me what had he done. I reminded him of what he had told me about his book and informed him that his book was as good as Eric's. He then thanked me. 
       Truthfully, there is no book more informative on the Battle of Franklin than Eric Jacobson's For Cause and Comrades. Eric is the historian at the Carnton Plantation which is also located in Franklin. That is not to say that James book isn't also a great read. I found a few stories and anecdotes that weren't in Eric's book. I strongly recommend both books if your a big fan of the battle.

James R. Knight

       Mr. Knight's book is written as part of a series, whereas Eric's book is written from lifelong study. You would expect his book to be more in depth. If you don't have the time to read a long book with lots of detail, I would recommend James' book. If your like me and devour everything you can on the Civil War, then I would buy them both.
       He also has a book out on the Battle of Fort Donelson that I haven't purchased yet. Next time  I'm in Franklin, I plan on stopping in and seeing James and have him autograph a copy for me.

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