Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Jennie Wade Story by Cindy L. Small

The Jennie Wade Story by Cindy L. Small claims to be a true account of the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg.  Although attempts were made to smear her reputation by the famous John Burns,Cindy Small manages to dig up all known evidence and set the record straight.  When you finish this book you will understand that Jennie Wade was indeed baking bread for Union soldiers when she was killed.  Contrary to the way John Burns described Jennie Wade as a lady of loose character.  In truth John Burns attempted to smear Jennie's reputation because he despised having to share his fame with anyone else.  

Although the book is only 71 pages long Mrs. Small does an excellent job covering everything that is known about Jennie's life.  She stops just short of a forensic investigation, describing where the bullet was thought to have come from and the path the bullet took as it struck her in the back after passing through two doors.  The bullet was ranging upwards, passed through her heart and spent its force stopping inside her corset.  All eyewitness accounts claim that Jennie died making bread for union soldiers.  Cindy Small says that Jennie was buried with the dough still on her hands.  

Actual dough tray Jennie was using

Cindy Small goes into the details of Jennie's fiance Jack Skelly, the message he gave to Wesley Culp when he was mortally wounded in Virginia.  Wesley Culp went to school with Jennie and Jack, born and raised in Gettysburg, he had moved to Virginia prior to the war and remained loyal to the South.  Wesley would be killed on his cousins farm before he could deliver any message.  The amazing part of this story is that none of the three childhood friends knew the fate of their classmates.  Cindy Small's book lists for less than six dollars but it is worth every penny.  

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