Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm Beginning To Despise Dogs

       Perhaps I should change the title to read "People are causing me to start despising dogs" or "People are causing me to despise them because of their dogs." Yesterday my wife and I went for a tour of the Spring Hill battlefield in Tennessee. Sadly, we couldn't walk on the trail because of so much dog poop. While we were there I noticed a lady stop her van, get her dog out and walk him out for a poop. Another man was walking his dog on the trail, but I never saw his dog pooping there. We were forced to walk off the trail in a field to avoid stepping in poop there was so much there. 
       The sad part to me is I consider this sacred ground. Men fought and died on this ground and today these places are used as a dog toilet. With the way the law has gotten today, these animals have more rights than humans. If I was to take a poop on a walking trail, I would be placed in jail because its insanitary. Why is it sanitary for dogs to poop where I'm attempting to walk? Perhaps some of these dog lovers can rationalize this for me. Maybe the few of us that use these places to honor our Civil War dead need to start shooting any dog we find on park land. That would certainly get some attention. 

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