Monday, October 14, 2013

Lawyers and the End of America

Mark Potok

       I recently read an article about David Owen Dodd who was just seventeen years old. Actually, he was hanged less than two months after his seventeenth birthday. Everyone describes Dodd as a sad story in our nations history. Everyone that is, except Mark Potok, the extreme liberal who portrays the seventeen year old as defending slavery. Lawyer and liberal Mark Potok says that Dodd was a defender of slavery, yet if Dodd were on trial today for murder, this same Potok would be defending (if the price was right) saying that a seventeen year old is too young to execute. 
       Is there anyone out there today that questions how lawyers in this country work? They would slit their own mother's throats for a dollar and that explains Mark Potok. Potok to quote Metapedia is a "Jewish propagandist and spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate group that spreads disinformation against non-Jewish groups and ethnic European groups in particular. Potok is the editor of the SPLC’sIntelligence Report and joined the organization in 1997. Previously he was a reporter for USA Today, the Dallas Times Herald and The Miami Herald. At USA Today he covered the 1993 Seige of Waco and the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing. He attended the University of Chicago from 1974 to 1978. Potok has a very whiny and simpering voice."
       From what I have read about Mark Potok, I may end up on the elimination list for writing this blog about him. More information I have read about him is "The Southern Poverty Law Center maintains a list of what it calls "hate groups", this is understood by radical Marxist supporters as a hit list of people to be eliminated. An example of this in action is taken from the terrorist attack against the Family Research Council in 2012."
       If being a Christian and reporting the facts about these extreme liberals is against what Mark Potok and his modern lawyers want to preach to the world is wrong, then I will gladly place myself on their hit list. Here are more quotes from what I have found on Mark Potok on the internet, "The Family Research Council is listed on the SPLC hit list as a "hate group" because they are Christians and uphold the traditional family, rejecting sexual perversions such as homosexualism. The would be assassin Floyd Lee Corkins II invaded the headquarters of the group and he attempted to murder the building manager Leo Johnson but shot his arm. The FRC leader Tony Perkins, correctly placed the blame on Mark Potok and the SPLC, as did the National Organization for Marriage."

David Owen Dodd

       The amazing thing about Lawyer Mark Potok is the fact that paid the right amount of money, he would defend David Owen Dodd in court today, saying he is too young to face the death penalty. This is another example why Capitalism has failed us and been replaced by plain old greed. Mark Potok says David Owen Dodd doesn't need monuments placed in his memory because he defended slavery, yet the same liberal would argue for anyone today that is facing the death penalty under the age of 18. He would say, "Give my more money and I will defend this young man, who happens to be too young to face the death penalty." 
       I very rarely discuss politics on my blog, but sometimes I have to defend the mess these lawyers have gotten our country in. I just want to scream, "Wake up America!"


  1. In this world 'gone mad' I have to say I have never heard of Mark Potak nor any of the organizations named in your blog. Now I feel compelled to read more. For all the wonders of the internet and modern social media, I actually think the down side is the vast amount of information/misinformation/ideas/opinions/etc out there - and it moves at a speed with which we mere mortals cannot keep pace - I am overwhelmed and suffering from total data overload. (see, I am even using what I consider 'net speak'). Our ancestors (in the general sense) had hours, days, weeks, months to think over a topic, to let it simmer and stew in the cauldron of our minds and arrive at a conclusion. Maybe they were too rigid and never changed their minds but in modern times we can't have a thought until it is followed by dozens, hundreds, millions? of more thoughts (suggested of course by what we read). The inconsistency in his apparent logic is an example. Pro: too young to be hung - just a 'boy'. Con: Old enough to be pro-slavery, aka a 'hater - thus deserving of death! Knee jerk doesn't even begin to describe what we do. So I wonder - have lawyers EVER considered the inconsistency in their positions? If pro-slavery proponents should be hanged what about pro-lifers? (in the vernacular anti-abortionists); what about anti-illegal immigration? What about any FOR or AGAINST cause? If one should be hanged for their belief/opposition to a cause, what about Free Speech? The words Spanish Inquisition suddenly came to mind. Oh, my! I never dreamed I was going to come up against such a serious, profound blog. Keep the questions coming.

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