Monday, November 4, 2013

What it would be like to hear actual witnesses of the Lincoln Assassination

       You've heard the story a thousand times and probably read about it a hundred times. What if you could hear the story from one of the witnesses themselves. You may be surprised to learn you actually can. Thanks to an invention called youtube. Below I have posted a couple of links to actual eyewitnesses who were later recorded telling what they saw. The first is Samuel J. Seymour who was in attendance in the audience the night Lincoln was killed. Mr. Seymour was five years old on that fateful night and tells how he was more concerned with the man who fell from the presidential box at Ford's Theater. That man was John Wilkes Booth. In the video, Mr. Seymour appears on a television show called I've Got A Secret in 1956 and he would die soon after. He was 96 years old. 

The second link is to a sound recording made by Joseph H. Hazelton who was eleven years old at the time of the assassination. He was a program boy at Ford's Theater and he tells a great story about Booth and Lincoln. He would go on to become an actor and eventually play in movies. The recording was made in 1933.

Those are the only recordings that I am familiar with, but hopefully more will eventually come to light. Enjoy!

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