Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dawn Aberg: Another Expert on the War Between the States

The James Deshler Monument

       Boy did my proposal for a monument to James Deshler stir up a hornets nest around here. I never realized there were so many ignorant people in the world. This Dawn Aberg I'm mentioning in the title wrote a letter to our local newspaper about being offended herself about another "Confederate Monument." I guess she has trouble with reading and writing because we proposed a "Military Monument" to Brigadier General James Deshler. Of course like others, she must place her own spin on things. Never mind the truth, that would get in her way. 
       First let's review a few things she claimed in her letter. Her first twist comes with the fact that Deshler's father came to Tuscumbia, Alabama to cash in on the booming cotton trade to get rich off products provided by slave labor. David Deshler came to Tuscumbia in 1825. What did he move here to do? To build a railroad linking Tuscumbia to Decatur, Alabama. He served as director of that railroad. He was a strong advocate of building up Tuscumbia to become a major town at that time. So, where is the twist? Well Ms. Aberg says he made his money off slave products. That is quite a spin there. Because the man built a railroad means he made a fortune off slave products? Has this woman lost her ever loving mind. With that line of reasoning, we should shut the entire town of Tuscumbia down today because at the time it was making money off slave products. Let's not stop there, but shut down the entire South. That was one of her more remarkably stupid comments, but there's more. 
       Ms. Aberg claims the real reason James Deshler is famous today is because of his father's wealth. Where in the hell did she get this information? Let's look at the Deshler family that moved to Alabama. David Deshler and his wife moved here in 1825. They had three children, David, Charlotte, and James. Charlotte grew sick at age 13 and died. David went to West Point and while bathing in the Hudson River, he drowned. He rests in the National Cemetery there today. James Deshler then graduated high in his class at West Point. There were several notations by high ranking government officials about his intelligence. He served in the United States Army and was with Sidney Johnston during the Mormon Expedition. Now this is the part that only really educated people can understand, because you have to be capable of looking at history the way it was, not as you see it from today. Ms. Aberg, never can. 
       Ms. Aberg claims she has deep roots to Colbert County, Alabama (her mother grew up here), but has spent the majority of her life in Massachusetts, California, New York, Sweden, and France. Now someone with that much extensive travel surely knows what the definition of a state happens to be. A state is a country. When Hitler was rallying Germany what did he cry, "Das Gans." The State. Before the War Between the States, each state was it's on country first and attached to the Federal government second. So when the Southern States began to leave the Union, what did all the officer's from those states do? They left to join the military forces of their home state to defend it against an unconstitutional invasion. (By the way, it was constitutionally illegal for a state to invade another state until Lincoln took control). 
       James Deshler came home and fought giving his life for his native state (country) as I would hope anyone at that time should have done. Thus you have these idiots today that look at history through modern eyes. I have a few questions for Ms. Aberg that I would love for her to answer for me. 
       First, why is it just the Southerner's who are offensive? There were slaves in the North, but they get a free pass. I've never understood that. Why do the cities of Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and many more get a free pass when they all owned ships that raced back and forth between Africa and America selling slaves? They too get a free pass from being offensive. What about the thousands of Irish children snatched off the streets and sent to the Northern states to work in factories at ages as young as eight and forced to work 20 hours a day for a nickel per day, only to find that they'd owe the company more than they made at the end of the week by taking meals? They were worked until they were completely broken down and then discarded on the streets to fend for themselves. This of course doesn't bother Ms Aberg in the least. That is fine with her, she'll take all the Northern brainwashing she can get. 
       I hate to bring up race in all this, but several have taken this argument there, so I will answer one of the above questions for you. Why do we not care for those poor Irish children who were treated much worse than slaves? Because, they are the wrong color, they don't sit around and cry about they way their ancestors were treated, and they are mature enough to not cry every time something offends them. 
       Oh, and by the way, when David Deshler finally died, he left everything he owned to the city of Tuscumbia. I hope you don't shop in that racist town, Ms. Aberg. I also noticed Ms. Aberg is one of those who was moving to Sweden when Trump was elected president, but like the rest, she's still here. 


  1. Hi, Tim. This is Dawn. I would love a chance to talk. How might I be in touch with you? I live in Sheffield, and am very free to meet. Perhaps lunch at Champy's?

  2. Dawn, sorry for the late reply, my father just passed away, we've been taking care of him for the past month. I would be happy to sit down to lunch sometime. Tim.

  3. I guess Ms. Aberg is the frame of mind that I figured she was. No guts to stand up for her false beliefs.....

  4. Dawn email me at

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