Friday, January 18, 2013

Grant's Final Victory by Charles Bracelen Flood

Grant's Final Victory

I recently bought Grant's Final Victory by Charles Bracelen Flood. The book is not about any of Grant's war experiences or his term as president, but only covers the last year of his life. Flood does an excellent job with this story. Although, I like a few pages finishing it, I can go ahead and recommend this book. I found it difficult to put down. It's just one of those books that gets a grip on you and you can't stop. Flood is an excellent story teller. It reminded me of a book I had read years ago about Robert Edward Lee after the Civil War. That book is called Lee: The Last Years. I went and looked in my book case among my 450 Civil War books and sure enough, Charles Flood had written that book as well. 

Lee: The Last Years also by Flood

       I strongly recommend both books by Charles Flood. The book is very readable, but one must take caution with certain points. Charles obviously idolizes Grant. He would make it appear that Grant was truthful in his biography and this is the part I have trouble with. Although, there are problems with things Grant said in his biography, this is a very good book about the last years of Grant's life. I'm a southerner and I love everything the South stood for, yet I respect Grant. Unlike his counterpart William T. Sherman, being a victor, he could forgive the south for what he saw as wrong. Grant could respect what his enemies stood for.
       He understood as the book by Flood states that the founding fathers would have included the word secession if they'd have know the county would have gone to war and cost the county nearly a million men to decide whether a state could secede. Grant actually said that he believed the founding fathers would have placed the exact words in the constitution to avoid a war like the nation endured. He truly believed the constitution protected the individual states from being forced to remain in the Federal union. 
       I've been around these northern born historians that have been given the head job in Southern battlefields, etc., and I can tell you there is no mistake about the power they have been given. I have friends that were battlefield guides and were fired because they were Southern born. All you have to do is contact a great friend of mine named Heath Mathews and he will definitely tell you how the world has changed in order to be politically correct. To hell with the true history of our nation as long as we all bow down to what the world wants us to believe in this day and time. I will speak the truth and hell with changing history to impress the ones that want people change history for their own purposes or votes. 

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