Friday, January 11, 2019

Yankee PC Part II: Kevin Levin, Jane Dailey, and their idea of the S.C.V.

Jane Dailey of the University of Chicago

       During my last blog we discussed how the Northern politically correct historians change the truth to suit their agenda's. We talked about how Jane Dailey (shown above) changed the historical painting entitled "Lee and His Generals" to suit her agenda. She either doesn't know that only corps and army commanders were pictured in the painting, not brigade and division commanders or she is ignorant of what she claims to be a historian of. She claims that William Mahone was left out purposefully because he attempted to take care of the black race following the war. I was speaking with a colleague recently and stated, "You would think a professor of history would understand why a division commander would be missing from a painting of all corps and army commanders. After all, the greatest division commander in the Confederacy was Patrick R. Cleburne and he wasn't in the painting." My friend replied, "You would think, but most historians today don't have a clue. They write to make their side of the argument sound legitimate."
       Mrs. Dailey could have written about General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard of New Orleans who was an army commander and was in the painting. Following the war, he fought to help blacks obtain equal rights and what "thanks" did he get for that? Well, the mayor of New Orleans had his monument removed from public places. So, there you go, write a story about that one Mrs. Dailey. 
       To add to their view of Southerners we need to read Kevin Levin's blog post asking if the Sons of Confederate Veterans truly want to restore the home of William Mahone. The home in question is William Mahone's boyhood home in Courtland, Virginia. Levin (an obvious psychic who knows what people are planning in the future) states that the S.C.V. will no doubt interpret the story about Mahone's pre-war career while ignoring his post-war career. Hey Kevin, perhaps you can avert some future murders and save lives since you already know what a group is planning to do in the future. 
       The problem with these modern day "northern historians" is the fact that they think all Southerner's are ignorant and only a "Yankee" can be intelligent. They don't understand that the S.C.V. has a charge to remember those who fought for the Southern states. It has nothing to do with post-war politics or racism. There happen to be black S.C.V. members as bad as that galls the "northern historians." Even Levin states that Mahone would not want the Sons of Confederate Veterans in his home. Since Levin knows so much about what all these people from the war wanted, perhaps he can channel General Robert E. Lee and ask him what his thought process was before deciding on Pickett's Charge. It would be a great help to the true historians that only deal with the facts, not assumptions that fit our agenda. 
       What these modern day revisionist historians from Chicago and Boston fail to tell everyone is the fact that race relations in the South would have always been favorable if not for the interference of northerners. Why did things go wrong following the war between the races. To start with, the republican northern congress wanted to maintain control of congress and by doing so, they outlawed anyone associated with the Confederacy from voting. That meant all male's above the voting age in the South. They allowed uneducated blacks the right to vote and hold office and make a complete shamble of the Southern economy. This is where the trouble began. The black race was taken advantage of by northern politicians for their own benefit (imagine any politician doing something like that if you can). I hear the "northern politically correct historian laughing at me already," but I can provide examples to the fact behind this.
       When the republicans came to power in South Carolina following four long bloody years of warfare, the state debt stood at 5.4 million dollars. That doesn't sound like a lot of money today, but let's see what happened following the republicans placing uneducated blacks in the state legislature. Once reconstruction ended in a time of peace, that debt had gone from 5.4 million dollars to 18.5 million dollars. Guess who had their taxes raised to pay for all this graft? The white race that had recently been made poor by four years of a losing war. How long did it take South Carolina to repay the 18.5 million dollar debt? It was after World War II, but don't tell these modern northern historians because they can just pretend none of this happened. 
       Let us look at these people the Federal government placed in power in the South Carolina legislature during this time. Of 63 members in 1868, 50 were black and 13 were white. Of the 63 members, only 22 could read, 8 could write correctly, and 41 had to make a mark for their signature. Only 19 were tax paying members of society and yet they voted to levy $4000.00 worth of taxes on each white person in the state. That is poor white people who had lost everything in the bloody Civil War. Why are these facts never mentioned by these modern "northern revisionist historians?" I think we already know the answer. 


  1. It would be nice if they actually toured the Tavern and they would see that their assumptions are incorrect. It is its own incorporated legal entity and S.C.V meetings are not held their. S.C.V and non-S.C.V members are on the board that works to show all sides of General Mahone. It was preserved because he was an important Virginian before, during and after the war.His association with the Readjuster Party after the war is noted, not ignored. A tour can be arranged through the Tavern web site at

    1. Thanks and yes you are right, but it doesn't fit the story they want told...

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