Saturday, February 2, 2019

Just When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse

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Judge Michael Graffeo of Birmingham proudly wedding same sex couples

       You of course know the rule about lawyers, politicians, and of course judges (they are lawyers also). They will do anything for a dollar and a vote is a dollar. Now follow closely where I'm going with this blog. 
       Pretend your father was called on by his government (the state of Alabama) to go fight a war against an invading force. Let's pretend your father was a poor farmer who could barely own shoes, but he went to war because his state asked him to. The war was four long bloody years and he either got sick or was killed in combat. What could make a person more proud than for his family member to have given his life fighting for his home, his country. 
       Now you need to fast forward a hundred and fifty years and find that a certain group of people have twisted what your father fought for. They've made him appear to be evil. They hate what and who he fought for. Pretend this group is a minority group that cries all the time about how mistreated they are and what the majority group owes them. Then throw in some spineless politican or lawyer just like Judge Michael Graffeo of Birmingham, Alabama. He is know to stir controversy to get attention and a vote, the laws of the government be damned because he needs a vote. Now a monument was raised to your father and others who gave his life for the state of Alabama. The state passes a law protecting all historical monuments, but Judge Graffeo (a liberal democrat if that happens to surprise anyone) rules in court that Alabama law is null and void in Birmingham, Alabama. 
       Well, isn't that ironic? Judge Graffeo just proved the state of Alabama and everyone else that fought the Federal government in that war were correct and that anyone can declare law void that wants to. So, I should say I am declaring my personal property free of any government laws just like Judge Graffeo has done. I'm not paying income taxes, property taxes, or any other taxes because I just declared those tax laws unconstitutional. 
       Now remember this about lawyers. They ask these young men to go fight a war for them and then later turn on them. They turn on the very soldiers that they sent to fight. You can't be any more of a coward than that. Judge Graffeo is a typical "kiss ass" attorney attempting to weaken this country by kissing up to those that will give him what he wants. This is why I could never be a politician. I have too much dignity and morals to do the things they are willing to do. A prostitute would be more honorable.
       Now you must wonder why the state of Alabama is broke. We are paying legislaturer's to make laws and after they spend a year finally getting it pushed through, one judge decides to take it upon himself to rule it unconstitutional. How stupid is this republic? Pretty damned stupid. I've just learned that a Revolutionary War monument was vandalized in Wilkesboro, North Carolina and even more ridiculous is the fact that the state of Texas are passing around the idea of renaming the state capitol of Austin. Austin is named after Stephen F. Austin. Some people are offended by the city being named after this man (imagine someone being offended today). 

Stephen f austin.jpg

Stephen F. Austin

       Stephen Austin is called the "Father of Texas." Born in 1793 in Virginia, Austin was a politician who took 300 people and settled in Texas. He eventually became Secretary of State of Texas and periodically during his life he owned slaves. The man had conflicting views on slavery and hoped Texas would eventually abolish the practice. Fast foward to today and they want to change the name of the capitol of the state he helped found. Things are just going to get worse.
       I told my buddy Tommy Hubbert that in our lifetime we will probably see Washington, D.C. changed to something else. I'm guessing it will be called Lincoln, D.C., Obama, D.C., or perhaps MLK, D.C. Everything in this country white needs to be erradicated. As congressman Mo Brooks said, "This country has declared war on white people."

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