Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family History Letter 11 and 12

State of Alabama, Walker County
This April the 21, 1862

Dear sons, I this day take the opportunity of dropping you a few lines to let you know that we are all well, hoping when these few lines comes to hand, they will find you all well. We have nothing strange to write to you at present. I can tell you I want to hear from you all worse than I ever did in life. I want you to write particular word how you are all coming on with the measles. Tell Elijah I want him to take as good care of himself as he can, till he gets out of all danger and also the rest of you too. Now I want to know what sort of fair you have there, whether you are as well fixed there as you were at the Springs and whether you all get plenty to eat. Now I want you if any of you sees or hears the truth a passing about there, I want you to send a little of it over this way. For it has been so long, since I seen or heard the truth. I don't know whether I  want to know it or not, and if you can't find the truth, don't write nothing, for we have lies a plenty here. We want  you all try to take as good care of one another as you can. When you are all sick, I want you all to write to us as soon as you get this letter. Elijah, mother wants you to write to her. It will be some satisfaction to me if you will write to us once in a while. I want to see you all very bad and I do hope that you will all get home without being in any battle.  Now I can tell you that (unreadable word) Kitchens and Sam Brown thinks they will be able to start to you in about a week. Nicholas, I am not particulary which I write with, nor don't want you to pay no attention to foolishness. Mary says she wants to see you all very bad and tell Elijah that she is glad to get so many letters from him. It is a mighty busy time though to lose so much time a going to the office nearby. He had better not write quit so often. So I must come to a close, so nothing more at present, only remains your father and mother until death. This from James and Elizabeth Michael to Nicholas and E.B. Michael and Josiah Whisenhunt and A.H. Burnett

State of Mississippi, Tishomingo County
May the 11, 1862

I once more embrace the opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I ain't well, but hope when these few lines comes to hand they may find you all well. I have had the measles about twenty days and I ain't sat up none of the time. I have been mighty low. I am on the mend a little I think, but I ain't able to set up much yet. Catherine, I never wanted to see any so bad I want to see you. I would give everything I have got to be shed of this scrape. Catherine, I want you to reconcile your mind, the best you can. I haven't got anything strange to write to. There was a man got his leg shot off a few nights ago. Catherine, I want you to forgive me. I have received three letters from you and I ain't wrote you nary one. The reason I ain't wrote is because I ain't been well. I was sorry to hear Martha had been sick. Catherine, take as good care of yourself (unreadable word) I took the measles at Mobile and they said that I had better go on with the rest and we was three days and nights on the cars and there I was pulled (unreadable word) And from one place to another. Just living in one (unreadable word) and then another, sometimes on the ground, sometimes our (unreadable word) flood with the oak bark. I reckon I may come to a close by saying I remain, your true and affectionate husband until death. A.H. Burnett to dear wife and children.

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