Thursday, February 14, 2013

Family History Letter 33

State of Tennessee, Camp near Chattanooga
August the 27, 1863

Dear companion, it is with great pleasure that I seat myself this one time more to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well as common hoping when these few lines comes to hand they may find you all well. I ain't got anything strange to write to you at present only times is hard here. We are camped on the side of Lookout Mountain a guarding the gap. We have been looking for the yankee's ever since last Sunday but they ain't come yet. I received your kind letter yesterday baring the date 17 of August which stated that you was all well. I was the gladdest in the world to get it for I hadn't heard from you since Jo left. You wanted to know whether I sent you a by Baker or not. I didn't for I thought was uncertain when the it come or not. He was such a (unreadable) and I (unreadable) Catherine. I sent you a fine comb and a half a paper and pen and 2 finger rings and a little heart and another little trick for Sarah A. Frances by Mr. Morrow, he said he would carry them to Jasper as soon as he got home and I sent you 25 dollars by Mr. Hamilton and a pair of shoes and a half square of paper and paper of big needles. Catherine, I am very sorry to hear that you think the yankee's is in there at Jasper. It is bad enough to think of them being here, let alone being there a near you all. Our regiment is on picket about 4 miles from Chattanooga at the gap of Lookout Mountain. We have been here 4 days and nights and I don't know how long we will  be here. Captain Gilbert * (see more below) says that we will guard this gap till the fight is settled here. I am in hopes they won't fight here at all though that looks very gloomy at this time. The signal men says that the yankee's is just on yon side of the river. There (unreadable) of them making their way up the river on yon side so I will come to a close by saying I (unreadable) remain you loving husband till death. This from A.H. Burnett to Catherine Burnett.

Loveginsky E. Gilbert, Captain of Company F, he was captured November 23, 1863 at Lookout Mountain and held at Johnson's Island for the remainder of the war. He was 34 years old at the time of his capture, light complected with dark hair, hazel eyes and stood 5 foot 7 inches in height. He lived in Eutaw, Alabama. 

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