Monday, February 4, 2013

Family History Letters 5 and 6

Letter #5
State of Alabama, Shelby County
This March 16, 1862

Dear wife, I once more embrace the opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I am not well. But I hope when these few lines comes to hand that they will find you all well. I haven't anything strange to write to you at present, but I think I will come home in about two or three weeks. I have drawed my bounty money and I wish you had it. I want you to write to me as soon as you get these few lines and I want you to kiss John Thomas and Martha E. for me. I wish I was there to kiss them myself and I would like to kiss you even more myself. I said I wasn't well, I ain't down sick. I have had a hurting in my breast ever since I been here. Write to me as soon as you get these few lines and write how you are getting on and if any of you get sick you must let me know that as soon as you can. So no more at present, only I remain your affectionate husband till death. A.H. Burnett (My 3rd Great Grandfathers brother) to wife and children.

Letter #6
State of Alabama, Shelby County
This the 16th of March, 1862

Dearly beloved wife and children, I am blessed with the opportunity of writing you a few lines to inform you that I am well at present, hoping these few lines will find you enjoying the same blessing. The rest of our connection is as well as common. The mumps and measles is in camp now and we are looking every day for some of us to take them if we don't take them, nor take sick no other way, we expect to start home this day 2 weeks. Sarah the love I had for you and the children, I did not know until I left you. Kiss the children and tell them howdy for me. We have drawed our bounty money which is fifty dollars a piece. Our mileage money ain't come, nor won't until about the first of June. Then we will make another draw. So our officers, our arms ain't here and they ain't due us until the first of June. There is 12 of us that cooks together, there's me and Nicholas and Elijah, and Henry, and Boreramy and John York and W. York manasco Mcluskey F. Davis, R. Davis all of them (word unreadable) men and they are willing to bear their hearts in any thing that is right. There ain't but 27 men in our company, but what is over 25 years old. Write as soon as you get this, so we can get your letter before we start home. We have fine officers, we are well blessed with them. We got here on Sunday evening after we left home. So no more at present only remains your affectionate and loving husband till death. Josiah Whisinhunt (he married Jerry Burnett's sister) to wife and children.

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