Thursday, February 7, 2013

Family History Letters 28 and 29

Chattanooga, Tennessee
This the 26 of July, 1863

Dear wife and children, it is through the mercy of God that the present avails me the opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I am in tolerable health for a camp life, hoping these few lines will come safe to hand and find you all in the best of health. I ain't any thing of interest to write to at this time. I received a letter from you last Thursday bearing date the tenth and eleventh. I was glad to hear that you was all well as you was, but sorry to hear that you and Sarah was sick. I ain't time to write now. I started you a letter to you yesterday. No more but I still remain your loving husband till death. Nicholas Michael to wife and children.

State of Tennessee, Camp near Chattanooga
This the 26 of July, 1863

Dear companion it is with great pleasure that I seat myself this morning to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am in common health at this time. Hoping when these few lines comes to hand, they may find you all well. I ain't got anything strange to write to you at present, only times is hard here. I just wrote you a letter the other day. I ain't got much to write to you at present. I thought that I had a good chance to send it to you and I want you to send me a letter back by Hamilton when he comes and send me all the good news you have. I can't tell what I would give if it was me a going to start home this morning with Mister Hamilton. They will be able for me to come after a while I think. They are furloughing some men. I ain't got time to write much now it is all to do in a minute, so I will come to a close by saying I remain your loving husband until death. This from A.H. Burnett to Catherine Burnett.

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