Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family History Letter 7 and 8

Having these letters online is something I should have thought of long ago. I'm extremely proud to have these tidbits of my family history during the Civil War. I realize that others would die for letters like these. Of course, until about 5 years ago, I didn't even have these letters. It just goes to show that you should never give up when searching your family history.

State of Alabama, Shelby County
This the 16th of March 1862

Dearly beloved wife and children I embrace the present opportunity of dropping you a few lines to inform you that I am well at this time hoping these few lines may come safe to hand and find you enjoy the same like blessing. The rest of our connection is as well as common, the mumps and measles is both in camps and we expect them every day. If nothing happens I expect to start to see you this day about 2 weeks. We have got our bounty money which is fifty dollars a piece and have got a good tent to sleep in and it floored and a shelter to cook under. We draw 1 1/4 lbs of flower and 3/4 lbs of bacon or 1 lb of beef, 1 jill molasses and sugar when it is here and soap and candles. Mary I never knew the love I had for you until I left you. Mary kiss our sweet children for me and tell them howdy and tell them that I will be at home next Wednesday 2 weeks if I can get a furlough, if none of us don't get sick. There is some of our company furloughed home now, but I thought that I had better wait a week or two longer though I want to see you very bad, worse than I ever did in my life. I would love to kiss my sweet babes the best kind. Tell all the connection howdy for me also my friends too. We are better situated than I expected to be, though our army ain't here nor I don't know when they will be. Direct your letter to Shelby Springs Col. Thomas Frazer's Regiment in the care of Capt. F.A. Gamble. Write as soon as you get this letter so I can get it before I start home. There is 8 companies here now, we was the 6th Company. So no more at present, but remains your loving husband till death. Nicholas Michael (husband to Jerry's sister) to wife and children.

Letter #8
Dear father and mother, brothers and sister,

These few lines will inform you that we are all well, only my teeth is very sore and Henry is complaining about his breast. Elijah civiler (more civil I suppose) than I ever saw him and so is all the rest. I hope these few lines will come safe to hand and find you enjoying good health. I haven't much to write to you at present, but kiss my children for me every day Mary, I want you or mother one or the other to stay there with Mary all the time and not leave her by herself, for I know she don't feel like staying by herself, for I don't feel right here where there is 7 hundred men. We received our bounty money last Friday but I had rather be at home with Mary and the children. (Word unreadable) I can kiss them and see them when I want to. If Mary wants anything done, that she can't do herself, do it for her and I will satisfy you for it. So no more only remains your loving son till death. Nicholas Michael. 

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