Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family History Letter 17

State of Tennessee, Bedford County

This February the 24, 1863. Dear wife it is once more with pleasure I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am as well as common, hoping when these few lines comes to hand, they may find you all well. I ain't got anything strange to write to you at this time, we are out on picket. Know I received your letter last night, which was mailed the 11 of February, which stated you were all well and I was glad to here from you, for I hadn't got nary letter since I left home. I got a letter from father last night too, which stated that they were all well. You wanted to know whether we was guarded to our regiment or not. We went with our on accord from Columbus. You wanted to know how I was making out. For clothes and shoes I am doing as well now as ever. I have got clothes enough to do me until warm weather. I have got a tolerable good pair of shoes. They needed half soling when I got them mended. You wanted me to write whether they was any talk of peace or not. There is talk enough if that would do any good, as to knowing anything about it, I can't Catherine. I was mighty sorry to hear that you had lost your cow and calf and I was sorry to hear that you was barefooted yet and with my money I started you 122 dollars three weeks ago. Times is hard here. I have wrote you three or four letters before this. You wanted to know how I stood the (unreadable). I stay, but the last kind you duty, your letters the tenth of January you stated that you had got three letters from me. You never stated whether you had got one since I got to the regiment. You wrote that you hadn't drawed any money, yet I want you to devil them as much as you can. If they don't pay you your right, the rest of the women is drawing their money. I want you to get the money as quick as you can from Bill Williams and (unreadable) and if you think that, that you can spare any, pay some of your debts. I want you to keep money enough to do you plentiful. I was mighty sorry to hear of so many deaths. A word or two to the children. Tell John Thomas and Martha howdy for me and to be good children and to take good care of Sarah (unreadable) Francis, bless her sweet little soul. My pen is bad, my ink is pale, my love for you, shall never fail. From A.H. Burnett to wife and children.

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