Thursday, February 14, 2013

Family History Letters 38

This is the last letter I have that is written during the Civil War. As sad as they have gotten it is probably a good thing. It's almost like the entire Burnett family was wiped out in the war. From September 1863 until March of 1864 they lost 3 brothers. Joel is still alive at this point and I have yet to find out if Moses is a brother or brother-in-law.

Alabama, Talladega County
This June the 26, 1864

Dear children, I once more take my pen in hand to write you a few lines to let you know that we are all well as common at this time hoping that these few lines will come to your distant hand and find you all well and doing well. I ain't anything strange to write to you at this time. We received Catherine's letter last night and we were glad to hear from you and to hear that you was all well and you wanted us to write when we heard from the boys. We ain't heard from William but one time since he was taken a prisoner and you wanted know what barrack he was in. I don't know, he was taken the same time that Nicholas (Nicholas Michael, Private, Company F, 28th Alabama Infantry, brother-in-law to Alexander and Jeremiah Burnett) was and at the same place and we ain't heard from Joel and Moses in some time. We got a letter from Joel about three weeks ago but we heard since that they were all taken prisoner and I expect it is so or he is killed and Moses is taken prisoner. A man wrote Juda a letter since about him and Joel had got parted and you wanted to know how our corn looked, it is very small yet, but I think it will make corn yet and you wanted to know whether we have had any rain this month. We have been to wet to work part of the time and I will let you know that wheat crops ain't mighty good. They were injured by the wet weather and I will let you know that the yankee's has got Marietta and they will soon have Atlanta. They go where they please, they are fighting constant along that road and going on to Atlanta. We ain't heard from any other place in some time and I will let you know that times is mighty hard in this part of the country and they won't get no better till this war quits and then I am afraid they won't be much better and we want to know whether Catherine and Susey is a making crop this year or not and whether Catherine is at there place or not. We would be glad to see you and be with you, but it appears like that there is no chance for us to come and see you and if you can get the chance to come and see us and we want you to write as often as you can to let us know how you all are and the old woman says that she ain't got any boys. (They are all dead or a couple or still in the army.) She don't consider and she wishes that she was with you that she could see her blessed babies. So I will close by saying we still remain your father and mother till death. Pleasant and Martha Burnett to Catherine and Susey Burnett. 

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