Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Christy S. Coleman and the American Idiocracy: If you'll follow...

Christy S. Coleman (the all knowing obviously)

       I recently agreed to a debate with Christy Coleman, even against her and her minions, by myself. Who won, well, I'll let you decide. Christy chose to debate me in private and left her minions out of the parts that didn't suit her agenda. Therefore, it was all Christy and her minions in public, but was it all Christy during the debate? I'll let you be the judge. According to Christy and her minions, she is the foremost expert on the American Civil War and it is all about the most "Holy" north versus the "Evil" South. Before debating Christy, I had no idea that the "holy" north only agreed to have slaves prior to the American Revolution as a means to appease the South (that's right, holy northern states embraced slavery as a means to kiss a Southerners ass according to Christy, this one truly cracks me up). You heard me right, her most "holy" north hated slavery, but accepted it to appease the Southern states, and according to her minions, she is the genius on that time period. All bow to the great Christy Coleman, the expert (in her own mind) on slavery all the way back to father Abraham, Useless Grant or anybody else who owned slaves. It's all the South's fault, right Christy?
       Hey, you Christy followers, you need to line up and drink her Kool-Aid, don't ask what's in it, you don't have the intelligence to understand what she is serving, just drink it, you idiots. Don't worry, Christy has BLM and the NAACP on her side, who cares about the truth when it comes to our nations history. She has the Federal government giving her and her self-righteous group 10 million dollars a year, how much do the rest of us get from the government. Oh, that is right, we just pay in, Christy just withdraws, welcome to the idiocracy of 2020. Pay these idiots to do the thinking, let the government take all your money and give to these idiots so they can get a vote. Oh, Christy told me that we agreed on most points except the war was only about slavery. The Federal government loved the African race and believed in what the constitution preached so much, that they went and wiped out the American Indians just ten years after freeing the Africans and declaring all men are equal. In this "shit-poor" country, all men are created equal as long as you have enough of your race to count in an election. Welcome to the world of Christy Coleman and her ignorant minions. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Reckoning

Col George Colbert (1744-1839) - Find A Grave Memorial

Chickasaw Chief George Colbert

       For those of you who have forgotten another race of mistreated people, allow me to introduce you to the Native Americans. You don't see anything about them on CNN or any other news channel because there are only a million of them left. There aren't enough of them to count in an election, therefore their lives don't matter. You rarely hear them crying about the hand their ancestors were dealt, although they have far more right to be offended today. Can you imagine what this country would look like if the government caved in to the things that offend these people. 
       You won't see large groups of ignorant misinformed white people bowing down to worship or beg for forgiveness to these people because the television doesn't teach these weak minded people to do so. Isn't it amazing how a small box plugged into the wall of a home can completely brainwash the weak minded. That box controls American lives because it takes energy to think for one's self. It's much easier to let the box do our thinking for us because we don't want to expend any energy using our brains. 

Only one race matters anymore

       I happen to be a Christian and you will not find me bowing to any man, ever. I will take my knee to my Father in heaven. Laugh all you want, but I'm not worshiping a race of people because a box plugged into the wall told me to do so. I can think for myself and I have the energy to do so. 
       My upcoming book is called "The Reckoning" and it is about the Cherokee and Chickasaw tribes battling the encroaching Europeans in the American South. The struggle was a long and bloody one between two fiercely militant races, the Native Americans and the Celtic people of Ireland and Scotland. Most Southerners alive today have a mixture of Native American and Celtic blood flowing through their veins. I'm reminded of a repeated story from lots of my friends who've served in the U.S. Military. Drill instructors to this day will repeat the fact that they'd prefer to have a unit of Southern soldiers over northern soldiers any day. 
       Among the warriors I cover in my book are a couple of fierce chiefs named Doublehead (Cherokee) and George Colbert (Chickasaw). Both fought valiantly for the land they'd always lived on, only to be cheated out of it by encroaching Europeans. It reveals a group known as long hunters led by the famous Thomas "Bigfoot" Spencer who stood six feet, five inches and weighed almost 300 pounds. The Alabama version of Davy Crockett named Sam Dale who happened to be an Indian fighter, but also became close personal friends with Chief Doublehead. I was slightly reprimanded for not proclaiming a hero and an antagonist in my book, but I wanted the reader to figure out for himself which side was correct in that war. 
       The way things are headed today, that part of our history may be erased from our history books and there may be another race placed in their place as having things so much worse. Maybe I stated that a little too late, because I'd say we are already there.